This is a living repository of courses, articles, and frequently asked questions about PHP and development.

The following chapters will point out relevant topics to learn PHP and full stack development. Further resources to study particular topic in more details can be found in the See also sections.

Vanilla PHP

Course containing everything you need to get up and running from first steps to modern and advanced PHP usage.


Web application and PHP security chapter.


Various topics to learn more about PHP and development. From PHP frameworks, testing, code quality, APIs and more.


To successfully work with PHP, there are many libraries and tools available. This chapter explains some of the recommended interoperability things required for building web applications with PHP.

Docker for PHP developers

Docker provides a way to run applications isolated in containers.

JavaScript for PHP developers

Going into full stack development with JavaScript articles, frequently asked questions, and tips customized for PHP developers. To successfully develop applications here are some recommended development libraries and resources you will like and can enrich experience.

Linux Linux repositories.

PHP tips

Simple and stand alone PHP tips and tricks.

C for PHP developers

PHP and its extensions are written in C programming language. This course includes an introduction to C. After this course you’ll be more confident in your knowledge of C programming and will be able to create C programs and PHP extensions.

Frequently asked PHP questions

Qualified and unbiased answers to the most frequently asked questions about PHP.

How to learn?

Learning is a very important part of every developer to stay current. Everyone has their own preferences and approaches for learning. Key to success is to keep learning throughout your entire career.

Learning tips: Make dedicated time for learning, take small steps, study each topic in details. Even if it may seem that you will not need particular topic now, it might be useful later on in some project of yours.

You will be able to recall where to look further again in the future when you will need to solve similar development problem.

Writing blog posts or articles as you learn something new is also advised for multiple reasons: sharing the knowledge with others and to strengthen your knowledge on the particular topic.