PHP extensions

Pre-installed extensions

By default these images come with some pre-installed PHP extensions that are required to run some every day PHP applications. These include the following:

Supported extensions

PHP extensions:

PECL extensions:

Installing extensions

These Docker images include a Alpine repository that comes with many pecl extensions and all PHP extensions.

apk add --no-cache php72-{extension-name}

With Dockerfile, this can be used in the following way:

FROM phpearth/php

RUN apk add --no-cache php7.2-xdebug

However many times you’ll want to install some other pecl extension as well. For that you’ll need to build it from source using the provided php72-dev package, which includes phpize, php-config and PHP header files required to build particular extension from source.

Here’s a more generic way how to install such PHP extension. Replace names in curly brackets with extension you’re installing:

FROM phpearth/php

RUN apk add --no-cache --virtual .build-deps php7.2-dev git gcc g++ linux-headers make \
    && mkdir -p /usr/src \
    && cd /usr/src \
    # Download the extension source code from Git repository or
    && git clone git://{vendor}/{php-extension} \
    && cd {php-extension} \
    && phpize \
    && ./configure \
    # Build the extension with number of CPU cores
    && make -j "$(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)" \
    && make install \
    # Enable the extension for PHP to load it as shared one
    && echo "extension={php-extension}.so" | tee /etc/php/conf.d/{php-extension}.ini \
    # Clean build dependencies and source code
    && apk del --no-cache --purge .build-deps \
    && rm -rf /usr/src/*

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