What is ShopWare?

ShopWare is an e-commerce system developed by the German “ShopWare AG”. The development started in 2004 and is in active development.


ShopWare offers different versions for subscription:

Community Edition

The community edition is open-source and free to use without any limitation. It has the same features as the paid versions and can be added upon with free and paid plugins from the community store. ShopWare doesn’t offer any guarantee or maintenance for the community edition

Professional Edition

The professional edition offers a guarantee by ShopWare as well as support via the developers. It also adds the otherwise paid plugins “Storytelling” and “Digital Publishing” for emotional shopping. This version comes with an ERP-System.

Professional Plus Edition

The professional plus edition comes with all features of the professional edition plus all “premium plugins” made by the ShopWare developers which add a lot of features for the marketing of your shop.

Enterprise Edition

The enterprise edition supports high traffic as well as B2B features and a 24/7 developer support with the option of personal assistance.


ShopWare offers a plugin system with which you can develop your own plugins to alter the shops behaviour and design as well as adding functionalities.

Plugins can be developed on your own using PHP, ExtJS/JS/jQuery, Smarty and LESS. Plugins are also available for free or paid from the ShopWare community store.


For templating, ShopWare uses the templating engine Smarty and for the designing ShopWare uses LESS files, which are compiled into a minified form.