ElePHPant is that adorable PHP mascot with an elephant in its design.

The ElePHPant logo was originally introduced and created in 1998 for the PHP community by Vincent Pontier - spiritual father of thousands of ElePHPants around the world. In 1998, there were mostly CGI scripts used for dynamic websites. Vincent’s friend, François Buffière, introduced him to the PHP language. Vincent came up with the ElePHPant by drawing PHP letters on a paper and playing with them a little. He noticed they were in shape of an elephant.

Blue ElePHPant

At that time in France only few sites were talking about PHP. One was Jean-Pierre Dezelus’ page and he was also a collector of elephants. He asked Vincent to make an elephant logo for PHP with same style as the original PHP logo - a blue oval with black outline gradient.

Then the original ElePHPant logo came to birth:

Original ElePHPant logo

The plush animal toy - ElePHPant came to birth 10 years later.

ElePHPants are present at many PHP conferences and computers for inspiration and fun.

Other reincarnations of ElePHPant

Many PHP projects have also made custom variations of the ElePHPant with their logo on it.

PHP Women’s purple ElePHPant:

PHP Women successfully made a Kickstarter project in which they created purple officially dimensioned ElePHPant.

PHP Women ElePHPant

PHP Architect’s orange ElePHPant - Archie:

PHP Architect followed and they made an orange ElePHPant on Kickstarter.

PHP Architect's Orange ElePHPant

Laravel’s ElePHPant

A red Laravel ElePHPant has been made by using Kickstarter.

Laravel ElePHPant

AmsterdamPHP ElePHPant

AmsterdamPHP User Group Kickstarer campaign started with black ElePHPant

AmsterdamPHP ElePHPant

Golden Elephpant

For the special occasion of 20 years of PHP, one of a kind golden ElePHPant was created.

Golden ElePHPant for 20 years of PHP

PHP 7 ElePHPant

PHP 7 Elephpant has been created for PHP 7 and as a gift for visitors at ZendCon 2015.

ZendCon PHP7 ElePHPant

Symfony ElePHPant

For the 10 years of Symfony project black Symfony ElePHPant has been made.

Symfony ElePHPant

TrueNorth PHP Woolly Mammoth

The great ancestor of the PHP Elephpant, the PHP Woolly Mammoth immortalized by the True North PHP conference.

TrueNorth PHP Woolly Mammoth

PHP Classes ElePHPant

PHP Classes Elephpant given to the Innovation Award Winners each year.

PHP Classes ElePHPant

There are many more to be listed here. Explore the PHP universe to find them :)

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