Editors and IDEs for PHP

To successfully write PHP code, you will need an editor or IDE. You can write PHP code in any text editor.

IDE is Integrated Development Environment and includes additional features such as automatic code refactoring, code generation, multiple integrated tools for quicker and simpler development, testing utilities and similar which you will otherwise need to run separately when using editor.

Editor is especially recommended in the beginning stage of learning a new language instead of an IDE, because you will better learn and understand basics, syntax and all the magic happening behind the tools integrated in IDEs.

Examples of editors


Important thing to note here is that you will be able to successfully develop PHP code in any text editor or IDE out there. It is your preference which one you find useful, nice and developer friendly user interface, and performant. In the code examples in this course, you will be able to follow along with any editor or IDE.

Now that you have some text editor installed continue to the next chapter with PHP basics overview and a PHP hello world.